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Honey Bunch Childcarers are childminders in Enfield, who’s ethos is to provide quality childcare in a happy, safe clean environment. Enabling your child to learn, develop and reach their full potential.


Honey bunch olympics

The Olympic games and the para olympic games took place in Brazil in the month of August and September 2016. It is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. To celebrate these great events and to introduce this to the children in our setting, we decided to host the Honeybunch childcare Olympics. Before we let you know about how our Olympics went lets give you some historical facts about the history of the Olympic games. • The Summer Olympic Games or the ‘Games of the Olympiad’ were first held in the modern era in 1896 in Athens, Greece. • The Modern Olympic Games are based on the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece. • Held every four years, in honor of the Greek God Zeus, records show the Ancient Olympic Games began in 776 BC in Olympia and weren’t halted until 394 AD. • The prize for event winners …

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We have been waiting a long time for summer, and finally it is here.  No one could have expected how hot it was going to be 34 degrees!!  That is sweltering and the children within our setting have been really feeling the heat.  We decided to give the children a real treat by getting the paddling pool out. As the children are very young we did not want to take the children to the local swimming pool, as some children have not had any experience of being in a swimming pool. Therefore for health and safety reasons on this occasion we opted for the paddling pool. The children practiced their independence and helped to apply their own sun cream, put on their sun hats and swim suits. They chose the toys they wanted in the paddling pool and Splash, into the pool they went.  They loved filling, pouring and emptying …

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Mini beast blog

The theme for the month of July is mini beast.  Mini beasts are small creatures such as slugs, snails, worms, spiders etc. The scientific name for these types of creatures is Invertebrates and they do not have a backbone.  The lack of a backbone has caused these creatures to develop other ways to protect themselves from other predators and their environment.  There are numerous examples of this, snails have developed shells and other insects have formed exoskeleton, which is a hard outer layer.  A perfect example of this is the familiar woodlice found in gardens everywhere.  It is estimated that there are over 25,000 different mini beasts in the UK. There are three categories that mini beast fall into these are: Anthropods, molluscs, and anellids.  Anthropods include spiders and creatures with lots of legs, and molluscs include insects with shells such as snails.   The habitat that mini beast occupy vary …

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Day trip to the farm

The theme for the month of June was “Farm Animals”, and the best way for the children to learn about the animals was to go to our local farm.  We visited Lee Valley farm and naturally the children were very excited.  Lee valley farm is in Waltham abbey and is ideally located for nurseries in Enfield, Childminders in Enfield and local schools to visit. The children saw pigs, chased the chickens around in their pens (or shall I say the chickens chased them around). We talked about what we get from the animals, their body parts and the sounds they make.  The farm was a very safe place for the children to freely explore.  They couldn’t wait to feed the animals, which I thought was very caring and then realised it was mostly because it tickled their hands.    

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Training for the honey bunch olympics

We are in the month of July and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is fast approaching. The children have been in training for their own Honey Bunch Olympics.  As a childminder in Enfield, Other nurseries in Enfield, childminders in Enfield, childminders in bush hill park,childminders in Palmers green and childminders in Edmonton have all been invited and we await their confirmation of attendance.  In the meantime please have a look at our little Olympians in training over the last few days. The activities that the children will be taking part in are Skittles, Running(racing), catching and throwing, skipping, soft ball tennis, Stepping stones, football,  and climbing on the climbing frame. At Honey bunch childcarers although we place great emphasis on education, we do focus on the children physical development. This is a requirement of the EYFS which all nurseries and childminders must follow.  Primarily the physical education is fun, …

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Fosterer of a child – the need of hour

The life is full of complications and hurdles. You have not much of the opportunities to deal with them within the time. The children become an important part of parents just after their birth. The early stage is so crucial for new born baby. But the childcare is not done till the time of their complete development of body and mind. The societies of countries like the United Kingdom have plenty of opportunities with this regard. The government is keenly participating in public welfare. The activities of nurseries are controlled by the public as well as government bodies. The survey is carried out to improve the services of childcare. The spirit behind childcare The planning of a personnel has the sets of  solution regarding the upcoming hindrances of life. The marriage couple blessed with a child is said to be in the peak moment of a happy life. The childcare …

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The God’s little treasures

The birth of a child is celebrated with a great joy by parents. It gives you the aura of happy and lovely future. The mother is solely responsible for the childcare, but the extent of care can not be limited till the new born baby only. The care of toddlers is having the same significance as the pregnant women or the newborn children. Care never easier than birth The childcare in countries like the United Kingdom is supported by both the public sectors and private organizations. Nurseries are established in each locality to look after the children. Parents of the child are sometimes busy in their hectic schedule of daily life. You can hire a nanny or au pair at reasonable cost in the United Kingdom. They are the mothers of the child other than legalized parents. The local government is also supporting these activities and any kind of conspiracies …

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Day trip to a fire station in Enfield

The theme for the month of March 2016 was to teach the children about people that help us. We decided to take a trip to the local fire station. The fire station allows nurseries in Enfield, childminders in enfield and schools in enfield to visit so that children can learn about the services they provide. The children had so much fun sitting in the fire engine, shooting water from the fire hose and putting on a fire person helmet. The fire men and women were fantastic with the children making it a day they will never forget. As a childminder in Enfield and a resident in Enfield, it is important that we support our firemen/fire women as they provide an invaluable service to our community. If you take your child to a nursery in enfield make sure they pay your local fire station a visit.

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All about your child

The human life has different stages. The time has never cards about your current scenario. You only need to be a bit concerned about your upcoming plans. This can lead you to a perfect synchronization between you and the needle of the clock. The life of a parent is solely oriented about their child just after its birth. The childcare is a task that needs to be exercised on a daily basis. The children go with the changes in the activity of their organs by the time. The extent of care varies with the same. The working parents in the United Kingdom or any other country of the globe hardly find the sufficient time to look after their child. Nurseries are easily available in the cities of the United Kingdom. The easiness in finding the childminders is also a great feature of those cities. Home of the child The preschools, …