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Honey Bunch Childcarers are childminders in Enfield, who’s ethos is to provide quality childcare in a happy, safe clean environment. Enabling your child to learn, develop and reach their full potential.

Services & Information

Services & information. Please review our services below.

Honey Bunch Childcarers aims to provide quality childcare in a happy, safe clean environment. Enabling your child to learn, develop and reach their full potential. Please review our services below.

Pick up drop off services
Pick up & Drop off

This service currently suspended until further notice!


The children are taken to local playgroups in Bush hill park, Enfield & Ponders end for childminders at least once a week.  At these groups they develop their social skills when interacting and playing with other pre- school children.  They take part in fun activities such as creative play, painting, singing, dancing and reading stories.

Meals and nutrition
Meals and Nutrition

We provide healthy nutritious meals, essential to children’s well being, meeting any allergies, special dietary or religious requirements.

 Drinks: Children have access to water throughout the day.  They are also encouraged to ask when they would like to drink.

Snacks:  The children receive two snacks a day, which is always a variety of fresh fruits.

Meals:  We follow a four weekly menu prepared onour premises from scratch.  Our food menu is taken from around the world and includes their daily vegetable intake.

Special Diets: When settling a child into our setting, we discuss with parents the following:  The food your child likes, dislikes, allergies and any cultural or dietary requirements.  These are noted on the Childs Record Form completed your before your child attends.  Snacks for babies are provided but parents are asked to provide their lunch, dinner and Formula or any other milk substitute.


Whether it is a simple walk to the local park or a visit to a theatre show.  We endeavour to take the children on excursions out of the home setting.  This is a great chance for greater social bonding and forming wonderful memories.

Daily diary
Daily Diary

Parents are provided with a daily written record of their child’s daily routine.  This will contain information such as:

  • Activities the children have done during the day
  • Meals eaten
  • Toileting
  • Sleep duration
  • Observations made during the day
  • Photographs of the their child’s play.

Parents are also given the opportunity to add any comments of their child’s daily diary.


To encourage a child’s reading we make regular visits to our local libraries in Bush hill park, Enfield & Ponders end. These library sessions are for childminders and parents.  The children are able to choose the books they would like their child carers to read to them.

Opening hours
Opening Hours & Fees

We are open Monday-Thursday

8am – 6pm

We are closed on bank holidays

Fees are payable in advance on a monthly basis.   Childcare vouchers are accepted.  We accept the terrific two’s 3’s, and 4 year olds funding.  A week’s deposit is required to secure your child’s place.