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We have been waiting a long time for summer, and finally it is here.  No one could have expected how hot it was going to be 34 degrees!!  That is sweltering and the children within our setting have been really feeling the heat.  We decided to give the children a real treat by getting the paddling pool out.

As the children are very young we did not want to take the children to the local swimming pool, as some children have not had any experience of being in a swimming pool. Therefore for health and safety reasons on this occasion we opted for the paddling pool.

The children practiced their independence and helped to apply their own sun cream, put on their sun hats and swim suits.

They chose the toys they wanted in the paddling pool and Splash, into the pool they went.  They loved filling, pouring and emptying containers, and swimming with the fish, ducks and best of all splashing around.  They also took care of the plants by watering them.  It was a lovely activity of which everyone enjoyed.  The only wish is the need for a consistent summer so we can do this more often.

Teaching children to swim, to be confident, and comfortable around water at an early age is very important. It is a sport that can save your child life.  Most children love to play and have fun in and around water, whether it is at the beach, swimming pool, or even a paddling pool.  Therefore it is my belief that teaching children to be first comfortable around water and learning how to swim is an essential life skill that every child should learn.

As well as children having fun in a relatively in expensive way, there are also some wonderful benefits to be gained from swimming.

One of the great things about introducing your child to swimming and to enjoy the water is that it is a feeder to other water sports.  These include kayaking, diving, canoeing, windsurfing, scuba diving etc.

There are plenty of swimming pools in the borough of Enfield for Nurseries in Enfield, Childminders in Enfield, covering Palmers green, Edmonton, Bush hill park, Winchmore Hill and Ponders End. I would suggest making the most of them and to get your child swimming as soon as you can and enjoy all the wonderful benefits.