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Training for the honey bunch olympics

We are in the month of July and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is fast approaching. The children have been in training for their own Honey Bunch Olympics.  As a childminder in Enfield, Other nurseries in Enfield, childminders in Enfield, childminders in bush hill park,childminders in Palmers green and childminders in Edmonton have all been invited and we await their confirmation of attendance.  In the meantime please have a look at our little Olympians in training over the last few days.

The activities that the children will be taking part in are Skittles, Running(racing), catching and throwing, skipping, soft ball tennis, Stepping stones, football,  and climbing on the climbing frame.

At Honey bunch childcarers although we place great emphasis on education, we do focus on the children physical development. This is a requirement of the EYFS which all nurseries and childminders must follow.  Primarily the physical education is fun, but the children are improving their co-ordination, learning to manoeuvre whilst avoiding objects, improving the fine and gross motor skill, following instructions, move around confidently, improve their ability to change speed, understanding the benefits that exercise has on their bodies.

This like all the activities we do at Honey bunch child Carers is learning and developing new skills through play.

The activities chosen to be part of the Honey Bunch Olympics, are aimed specifically developing particular skills, this is outlined below:

Skittles:  Hand and eye co –ordination, the ability to release and throw the ball.

Running:Learning to move at speed, maintain balance

Catching & Throwing: Gross motor skills,

learning to take turns, Hand and eye co-ordination.

Skipping:Jumping, timing, gross motor skills, jumping on both feet.

Soft ball tennis: Hand eye co-ordination,  gross motor skills, running and balance, special awareness.

Stepping Stones:learning to balance, listening to instructions, learning their colours, an element of role play.

Football:  Developing their foot eye co- ordination, running, spacial awareness, listening to instructions.

So whilst the Honey bunch Olympics is about the children having lots of fun, the children are learning and developing many skills. Later on during the day we will sit down with the children to find out what they liked/disliked about the day, what they learned, and we will do an activity about the body parts they were using during the olympics, and the particular activities that they were used. We will then issue certificates to all the children no matter how well they performed, as reward for their participation. We also plan to do a follow on activity about nutrition and the best foods to consume to provide lots of energy to run and jump to perform to the best of their abilities and the foods of which they should avoid.

We hope that the children will have a fun, exciting experience, learn lots and will be able to relate to the olympics when they watch it at home with their parents. We hope to post pictures and a new blog about the Honey bunch olympics once the olympics commences.